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Assemble Art Just For Fun

Impermanent Art…just because Find some interesting things you have around your home. Lay them out and observe the lines, patterns, colours, hues… Once you know them, assemble them several different ways. When you know the one that makes you feel pleased, photograph it.  I… Continue Reading “Assemble Art Just For Fun”

Rule Number One: Listen, Feel, Flow.

It’s been an odd day. I was supposed to be resting but….  ⇐ This is how it felt. Men. Misogyny. Mistrust. PTSD. It was a struggle to get back up after I “broke down”. I’m not quite there yet and today was a reminder. I… Continue Reading “Rule Number One: Listen, Feel, Flow.”

On Women Marching For Social Justice

When Donald Trump’s  comments came to light regarding what he could do to women, I was triggered. I know I’m not alone. I know because I was one of millions of woman who came together in their communities with good men last Saturday. I stood… Continue Reading “On Women Marching For Social Justice”

Good Morning Sunshine!

It’s there, peeking over the hill and through the fog. It’s shining! It’s lighting me up and the day up. It’s just another day. It’s just another beautiful day for me to enjoy here on this little blue dot. Today I am inviting you… Continue Reading “Good Morning Sunshine!”

The Habit of Gratitude

Love your body, love your work, love your food, love the energy of the money that comes your way…it has a story of journey, love the place you live in, love your home, love the love you are capable of holding in your heart,… Continue Reading “The Habit of Gratitude”

crazymakers and boundaries

I have a couple of these people in my life. They are the ones who leave me feeling off balance after I’ve spent time with them. I find my relationship with them is quite a bit like trying to dance on freshly polished ice… Continue Reading “crazymakers and boundaries”


I’m preparing to resume a two day a week return to work as a classroom teacher this September. I’ve had a three year hiatus for health reasons. I wish I could say that I spent those three years travelling the world, meeting new people… Continue Reading “Journeys”


Welcome to my online studio. Believe me, it is much tidier and more organized than my home studio, because when I paint, I paint. When I craft, I craft, when I design, I design. Tidy is not a part of my creative process. I… Continue Reading “Blog”