On Women Marching For Social Justice

When Donald Trump’s  comments came to light regarding what he could do to women, I was triggered. I know I’m not alone. I know because I was one of millions of woman who came together in their communities with good men last Saturday. I stood beside grandmothers, grandfathers, their daughters and sons, and the children of their children. I stood with my daughter, because I expect better.

I know kindness and love and I have also know brutality. I prefer the former. I prefer it so much that I would lie down in traffic to keep my daughter safe from ever experiencing it. I grew up in a misogynistic world. I grew up always having to prove myself. I grew up with boundaries always being pounded down. No person deserves that. I deserved better.

I have taught about social justice, I have modeled a socially justice way of being, I have crumbled and reemerged more strongly rooted in social justice and I will not stop. I will continue to march and to hold our world leaders accountable for discriminatory, racist, and sexist behaviors. I will bravely and eloquently engage in respectful dialogue with sisters and brothers who believe differently that me. I will be fearless, not stupid, kind and compassionate, not vulgar. I will support the work of other warriors of the human spirit and form new friendships based on just living.

fullsizerenderWe women, we are so ridiculously strong. We are built for this work. We can use the hideous behavior of a newly elected world leader to teach compassion and demonstrate intolerance for anything less. This is our springboard. This is the time when we must rise and stand shoulder to shoulder with good men and create the world we want; peaceably. We have power as consumers. We have power as nurturers. We have power as creatives.

I knew I was taken out to rest for a reason these past years.
Now I see the reason. Now I paint the reason. A worldwide social justice crusade has begun. I expect so much better than this.

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou


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