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It’s Not About That

Mixed Media on Canvas 16” by 20” – $860.00 unframed. What I’m thinking right now…celebrate hereness. Spend less time striving and more time celebrating. Forget what you deserve. Forget what you want. Forget counting. Forget the expectations others have for you. Forget the expectations… Continue Reading “It’s Not About That”

Shasta Daisies

Summer It’s a mellow summer so far; a slow summer. During the Covid times the garden, thanks to my partner, Barry’s presence and the dewy nights, the garden is looking marvellous. I can contemplate a single snapdragon blossom for ages, or a bumble moving… Continue Reading “Shasta Daisies”

Perspective is Personal

When I create a piece of art I chose the medium, the substrate and the perspective I chose to view it with. Because I usually create intuitively, I don’t set out to create a specific subject. The subject emerges from the chaos I create… Continue Reading “Perspective is Personal”

There’s Always A Silver Lining…

We just need to remember to look for it!

Paying it Forward

I created this piece after considering a post by Kim Korven on Facebook earlier in my day. Kim had posted statistics regarding the number of women killed by violent male partners. I didn’t plan the painting. Wasn’t thinking about the post as I painted.… Continue Reading “Paying it Forward”

On Perfection…

I’ve always loved making things, especially without rules. If it’s been done one way before, why try to replicate it exactly when we have machines to do that. I am a ‘change it up’ advocate. I find doing the same thing over and over… Continue Reading “On Perfection…”

Managing our Responses to Pandemic

Ideas to help manage emotions such as fear, sadness, stress, anxiety, panic, poor sleep, during this pandemic.

It could be worse #2

Synchronicities. Those good things that feel like the stars have aligned happen all of the time. Opportunities. Noticing them is paramount. Knowing my desires is key, as is mindset, but asking for what I want and acting like it’s happened, that’s been paramount. The universe has our backs. Without time for stillness, a person can’t get clear on what they want.

It Could Be Worse

The sun continues to stream through windows and illuminate tiny dust particles in the air as though they were each choreographed ballerinas.

Artistic Identity: Name it so you know it!

Do you carry business cards?

Creating my purpose statement for my business cards really helped me answer the What do you do? question more confidently.