Shasta Daisies

Shasta Daisy Series 2


It’s a mellow summer so far; a slow summer. During the Covid times the garden, thanks to my partner, Barry’s presence and the dewy nights, the garden is looking marvellous.

I can contemplate a single snapdragon blossom for ages, or a bumble moving from frothy pink to frothy pink, or the rippling edge of a kale frond; unadulterated or nibbled. There are too many versions of green to count.

The fringed petals of the Shasta daisies are among my summer flower. We have planted some more but our soil seems to offend them. My fingers are crossed. We had a new spot by a fence to try.

The pretty gold frame

The inspiration for this latest series definitely evolved from those influences. They are a riot of fresh colour that make me happy and have my attention every time I inspect them. They are for sale now. Framed or unframed. 250$ unframed. 295$ framed in wide gold or simple black.

And there’s these, Made by Red Bubble. Washable. Pretty. 20$ each from me or look me up on Red Bubble. Sherri Jean McCulloch.

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