Good Morning Sunshine!

It’s there, peeking over the hill and through the fog. It’s shining! It’s lighting me up and the day up. It’s just another day. It’s just another beautiful day for me to enjoy here on this little blue dot.

Today I am inviting you to take a walk outside. A walk into a park, or a forest. A walk to breathe and to fill you up. Nature

Good Morning Sunshine!

always holds real beauty. Walk in wonder and awe. Walk on your own with a wide open heart. Put yourself back into nature . Turn the phone off. Instead of taking pictures, paint them into your memory; breathe them in. Exalt in the beauty that surrounds you and get clear on what really matters.

Technology has made the world seem small to me. I’ve seen places up close that I’ve never visited and I’ve felt the pain of people I don’t know. I can get caught up in it all and it overwhelms me when I do. My head can spin, full of  voices of people I’ve never met. I find myself trying to make sense, to make peace for all this noise. It weakens me until I shut it off and go for a walk in nature.

My wish for us all today…tune out the noise…go for a walk in beauty, find the sunshine and let it make peace in you.


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