The Habit of Gratitude

Love your body, love your work, love your food, love the energy of the money that comes your way…it has a story of journey, love the place you live in, love your home, love the love you are capable of holding in your heart, love it all. That’s appreciation of the abundance that’s come your way.

Be Love. Gratitude for Abundance.

When I shine my light, it is because I am steeping in gratitude like a delicious tea. What was there, inside this little bag of me, loosens into all corners of the universe and mingles with what is there.


It is sweet, desirous, attractive.

It is the easiest way I know to move from brokenness to wholeness when practiced habitually. When broken, a little or thoroughly, it requires a conscious spoken effort; a prayer like daily repetition. Saying it, praying it, wanting it, calls the light.

Truely. Don’t stop. Be patient. Call that light until you know you are the light!


I am sorry.  Mistakes teach me and move my evolution forward.

Please forgive me. I forgive me. I am forgiveness. Forgiveness releases me.

I love you. I love me; body, mind and soul. I am love.  I am open to receiving and giving an abundance love.

I am so grateful. I am gratitude. I am open to receiving and giving abundance in gratitude.


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