Welcome to my online studio.CZJJ4178

Believe me, it is much tidier and more organized than my home studio, because when I paint, I paint. When I craft, I craft, when I design, I design. Tidy is not a part of my creative process. I like my tools and mediums on hand and I move quickly from one thing to the next. When I am in the creative flow, I flow.

For example, today I thought I’d just spend a little time working on a new background I’ve begun.I should have known better. You see, I paint/create every day. Art steadies me and feeds my soul a love of life. When I open myself to artistic creativity, creativity just keeps on coming. I don’t like to stop until quiet enters my bones, until I start to think about what I’m doing…and that’s why I’m so prolific! Art is my medicine, and the making motion is the mantra.

I am, admittedly, concerned this website will steal time from the art room. Thinking of it as an extension of my studio might help me to embrace it. Long ago, during my M.A., I wrote a mission statement that still guides me:

My hope is that you will find enough beauty in my art to own it and celebrate it, or maybe find in yourself the courage and desire to either begin or continue a ‘journey of the __ art’.

Love you,

Sherri Jean

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