Gratitude Attitude

It’s one of my favourite Instagram tags. I choose my tags based on truths, not popularity. An every morning, every night moment of practicing gratitude attitude has been something I have practiced for the past three years. It helped lift me out of the mire my ‘superwoman’ life doused me in. it takes very little and it feels very good. In fact, it lights me up and calls for breath.

In one of my earlier posts I shared the mantra that works for me. To it, I add little details. For example this morning, I found myself expressing gratitude for my pup that was curled up next to me understanding everything I say, think and feel and trying her very best to meet my many needs, but especially, my need for love. I also expressed gratitude for my home. The birds were singing outside my window, my bed was feeling super comfy, and although the sun has been scare her, it is a comfortable temperature, just

perfect for getting into the garden.

When I steep in gratitude, I don’t find myself wanting for things. I have what I need and that leaves me in a state of calm grace. I do find myself attracting, things though. Things like warm smiles, conversations with strangers, good ideas, and more enough…be it a small unexpected check in the mail, a heart-shaped rock, or a rainbow on a walk with my dog.

This is also IMG_1842the attitude of the people I met in Bali. They were happy in place. Satisfied with the beauty of their tropical paradise. Through daily prayer and their Hindu traditions, they have found gratitude and satisfaction. Their way of being is good for earth, good for health, and
good for each other.

I urge you to make time for the daily gratitude attitude. Put it into your prayers or make it your prayers. Let life know what it is doing right for you so that it can continue to do it. Let appreciative inquiry shape everything you do. This one simple act will change you substantively.

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