Life as Business

I am the curious sort who loves to really understand things, but the more I find out, the less I seem to know. My knew questions include:

Does money enrich a life and make a person feel good if it’s been earned  through psychological manipulation? I’m leaning into it must, because wouldn’t a person quit doing what they’re doing if it didn’t? And if they didn’t quit under those circumstances, but persevered because, well, money…then how could they live with themselves? So, if it feels good to psychologically manipulate another for money doesn’t that make them a psychopath? Or something like that?


I went to a ‘business’ conference last weekend, because I wanted to find out how to start my own business. It was a shit show. Seriously. It was pay to belong to my tribe because I’m God-like and know best or you are not who you say you are. It was shame, it was shunning, it was WWII you must wear a black ribbon but those of you who follow me get white. It was practiced fake tears and Oh poor you, I feel your pain so follow me, it was Machiavellian, it was corrosive.

Did I learn anything. Sure I learned a ton and I learned how easily a group of wanting, needing people can be turned, how easily they will follow, how badly they want a tribe, and how much they will pay for belonging. Belonging. Such a basic human need. Not. Being. Met. in today’s society. But money will buy it.

It scared me some, excited me a little, amazed me a lot. As usually I found beauty as well. It was there in the stories of the attendees. They were kind people, loving people, people trying to get by a little bit better than they are now.

There is so much to learn in this one great life.

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