Every Moment Has a Lesson

This morning I awoke with one puffy eye and some knowing.

  1. I knew there was something missing from Tony Robbins’ definition of IMG_2057success. Doing what you want when you want where you want how you want sounded more like the petulance of a tweenaged child than sound advice. I wanted it doused in gratitude and love before it was given out.
  2. I knew that I needed to tell someone I trusted something I’d been holding before it dragged me down. The telling divided the weight in exactly half and made it bearable.
  3. I knew that I was NOT responsible nor meant to feel responsible for the words and action/inaction of another soul so when that stuff came my way, I put it back where it belonged.
  4. I knew it was okay to ask for some help and to give some help.
  5. I knew I could continue to forgive and rationalize pretty much anything but that it was okay to acknowledge my own boundaries and my, values, and my beliefs.
  6. I knew that the guy with the really big camera we saw on our walk was someone who knew what he was doing by the way he was listening to the trees, looking through them, and focusing all of his attention on the magic the forest held secret. He wasn’t just a guy with a really big camera, he was a sorcerer, manifestor, photographer, or whatever label you’d choose to apply.
  7. I knew that the beavers, two of them, that had shown up unexpectedly on a different walk belonging to a different person, were there to guide and show the way to that person and I did my best to help him see it.
  8. I knew that my friend was as right as she’d ever been; right to her very core when she said we were blessed to live where we do and that it was a sort of utopia. Having traveled some, I knew that most people could find that sentiment where they lived, and that if they did, Earth would be better off.
  9. I knew that Elon Musk was alright when I saw his picture of this quote in his feed; Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life. Picasso. I would still encourage him to spend time in the forest every day, too.
  10. I knew that a grateful person, a loving person, a caring and generous person, could walk in Tony Robbins’ quote with grace, but a greedy, seedy, self-serving person could make it ugly, ugly, ugly.
  11. I knew, as I walked in the woods and mulled all this over and chattered with my friend about our dogs and the nuances of our lives that my guiding quotes, the ones I continue to share with others will remain: Be the change you want to see in the world. Ghandi and Beauty will save the world. Dostoevsky

My eye is still puffy, despite antihistamine. I suspect the lesson is either that I can rest it a little today after I check my bed for a spider or that I should look out of my left eye when taking pictures or analyzing life.



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