May, 2017. It’s been winter coat cold and bathing suit hot. It’s been lie on the couch dull and over the top fun. May has been memorably odd. There’s been quirky good visits, specimen tree murders, indescribable natural beauty and some history repeating itself. May, 2017. It’s also the month I finally decided to give notice to my 30+ year employer; and even though I’m tired of that life enriching, energy sucking, soul stretching, pocketbook shrinking career, I’m not ready for the rocker just yet.

May, 2017. It’s time to get serious about how I want to reinvent my skills.  Combined with the life teachings I’ve acquired, I know I can still serve. This time, completely on my terms.

Today at the grocery store I ran into an old friend I haven’t spent time with in ages. He reminisced about the delicious multi-course meals I’d prepare when we got together and then decided I needed to open a restaurant. I used to think I’d do that one day. Now…no. I don’t cook much, I limit gluten, and consider carefully what will and will not cause heartburn or wakefulness in my nights. I suspect many people over the age of 55 do. Life changes. It felt nice to be remembered fondly, though. One day, just for fun, maybe we will get together for a dinner party again.

I think about life coaching, I think about running a gift shop, I think about writing a book or six, I think about travel writing, I think about curriculum design for business and education, I think about marketing my art and pattern designs for use on products, I think about doing government contract work, I think about offering art workshops off and on-line, I think about offering destination art classes, …and I get overwhelmed because I want to do it all. Because I could do any of those things and myriad more. I have the skill and money and learning flows easily to me. for example, I’m learning more about art all the time. Two weeks ago I picked up a painting at a thrift shop based on what I recognized in the techniques. It turned out to be worth the 8$ and 3420$ more! Maybe I’ll become a picker! No! …and so…it’s time to create a vision board for myself to keep me on track. IMG_1538

A vision board always helps me create commitment because I can clearly see and be reminded of the destination I will arrive at. Most importantly, a vision board gets me focused on clearing out clutter, distraction, and energy vampires. For me,this is possibly the hardest step on any new path. I get attached. I get loyal. And I find myself serving the clutter long after it’s stopped serving me. I know what I want, and clearing gets me there faster.

I know what I want. I see it. I breathe it.  Screw the vision board…it’s procrastination. I’m on to clearing. Out I say! If it doesn’t serve me, It’s gone.




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