I’m very excited to announce… my art, artcards, calendars, and other artful items will be with me at Thrive Festival at Silverside Farm in Cobble Hill August 26, 2018. Come visit me there and pick up some tips for how you can ‘Thrive’ along with something special for yourself.

IMG_1216.JPG thrive

It’s going to be a great day of music, sun, speakers, and inspiration.


Every morning I offer up a little prayer for forgiveness, gratitude, and open heartedness. (Its available on the blog) Often I’ll ask what is needed from me that day and I’m usually met with a little thought that I have come to know as wisdom from the universe.

When I find myself awakened at night, repeating my prayer through allows me to find sleep again. Essentially, instead of counting sheep I’m counting my blessings.

This is a little practice that I have created for myself based on seeking, reading, finding, trying, sifting sorting and finally, elimination. It’s a simple practice among others I utilize that helps me to thrive.

IMG_1212.JPG prayer
Joy- Available 22 1/2″ by 30″ Acrylic on Paper

Can you name the practices you engage in to maintain your best self?

Have you even thought about what your best self feels like?

I used to think I was my best self when I was exhausted…

when I’d ‘given it everything I got’ … to work and family

when I’d ‘given 110%’ … to others

when I’d ‘sucked it up’ … and pushed beyond my limits for the team

when I ‘put it behind me and kept moving forward’…for the wellbeing of others

Those mantras, the ones we are sold to motivate us to produce more and more and more… they put ‘my best self’ in harms way.

What are the mantras you have adopted to drive yourself to exhaustion?

I now know that my best self feels light, airy, spacious, as well as loving.  My best self is well rested, playful, golden! My best self knows that boundaries are not just okay, but in fact, a necessity.

… Come visit me at Thrive and ask for your free gift!

IMG_1205.JPG quarry
The Quarry – Available 20″ by 26″ Acrylic on Paper





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