Superwoman is a lie. Don’t believe that you can do it all. Don’t believe that you have to do it all. Don’t believe that you need to do it all. Don’t even try. Really, just don’t do it.

If this is a parent’s dream for you, let it go. They really just want you to be happy. Believe that.

If this is your subconscious way to prove you are good enough, it won’t work, so let it go.

If this is your vision for yourself, change it.

Instead…go write a list of things that you are feeling grateful for. Read that list out loud to yourself, slowly and with meaning. Notice how you feel. If your list is authentic, you just might be noticing joy.

That feeling is where we need to try to live.

Make that your new vision/mantra/goal for yourself and see what changes in your life.

Do the things you need to do to walk in beauty.

Walk in Beauty

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