10 Pleasing Things Right Now.

  1. Canada's Conscious Skeptic #1 This has been accepted into the Sooke Fine Art’s Show.
  2. The juicy sweetness of that first bite from a ripe freshly picked yard apple.
  3. Retirement Countdown is ON!
  4. My dog is washed, dried, brushed and smelling good!
  5. The rain just took the pollen to the ground.
  6. My boundaries are beginning to not be a problem for anyone but me… on to the next step; me talking that ‘you’re guilty of being selfish’ voice right back down.
  7. Longer, lighter days, even if they’re wet!
  8. A 1/2 price coupon for 300$ worth of art supplies! Yippee!
  9. A summer wedding in the works for my lovely daughter and her wonderful fiancee.
  10. I forgot my cell phone at home for a few hours today and my world didn’t fall into crisis. Good to know.

I could go on. Can you? Come on, get your gratitude attitude happening and light yourself up!

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