Intentionally Slow

When I begin to feel depleted, I know I’m not doing enough of what I know I need and too much of what others want or think they need of me. I learned, a hard way, that I must look after myself. I’m the only one who knows how to!

My way of dealing with and avoiding depletion is to plan and book spiritual respite for myself. I give my own spirit time to rest and refill. I feed my creativity. It is an extended artist date if you will.

It’s mandatory.

It means stepping away.

The oldest house in the area. It was originally used for housing professors and it has a very calm energy about it.

It means paying attention.

Sunday Morning shelters the remnants of someone else’s Saturday night.

It means asking questions.

And it means being open to receive the answers. I am a bit of a rambler on these short sojourns and I feel super lucky that the sun is with me today, again.

Wayyyy up.

It means noticing incongruence and balancing them.

Lost and Found

Looking up is risky on a cracked uneven concrete surface. Still, looking up yields surprises, coincidences, and more of what’s on my radar. Today, after slowing and feeding my roots, I am soul reassured that I know what has to come next for me. The where, when and what are clear!

It requires time. Alone.

Street Art

The most important thing I learned while working on my Masters is that I find what I’m looking for. I was looking for clarity. I’ve got it.

Listen to the Birds

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