Artist Residency; Last Day

I’m all packed up. I created a lot in a month, some of it good, some of it pure process that I can toss or remake. I guess that was the point. Making. Painting.

But you know, Despite having my guard up, I was totally seduced by the beauty of the place. Ziggy Attias, the owner and conceptual lead has created an experience I have only ever dreamed of.

We artists have resided together in the utmost comfort of our own spacious, castle like rooms above shared living areas decorated in a luxurious style true to the Napoleon Trois building. The shared, beautifully outfitted bathrooms have served us easily and the studio rooms gave us inspiring views of the little valley. Importantly, the natural light was fantastic during the day and the walls and floors could be dripped on without worry.

As a surprise, we also had most of our meals prepared for us by a gifted French chef, Marie. The food was excellent and Marie was always happy working in the kitchen. It freed us up to paint and it created a jovial family like atmosphere for evening meals.

Ziggy’s house rules were few and easy to live with. Generally, any minor tasks we shared in were carried out without discussion. They just got done in a manner that was respectful of everyone’s time. With that level of respect in a communal space, it’s easy living together.

I will miss my new friends but I suspect we’ll all keep in touch and meet again. They’ve touched my heart and become a part of me. I also plan on returning to this beautiful place one way or another. It had the best double rainbow I’ve ever seen anywhere before. There was actually a golden shimmer beneath it. How could I not want to come back?

I am filled with gratitude for this experience in France coming on the heels of my retirement. It has transitioned me.

Thank-you, Ziggy. Thank-you, Universe.

6 Comments on “Artist Residency; Last Day

  1. You so deserved this and I love that you shared it with us!! Thanks Sherri you always inspire me!! Love you.

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  2. Well done, oldest child! I am so happy for your courageous approach to this new geographical! You have been tested and you have flourished in a new country with new compatriots. You will never be the same person, Sherri.
    You have been washed in a shower of new light. Travel safely. I love you! Dad


  3. Sherry – We have all been lucky to have you as a part of this residency. Your easy laugh and attitude was a true pleasure. You are an adventurous women and a talented artist. Keep on living by your terms and Keep up the good work! Until we meet again… Thank you-z


  4. Beautiful Sherri! My head and heart are still at the chateaux and I catch myself still looking for that magical light. What a treasure to have and to hold …it was a real spark for me, and as I settle into my home studio I feel gratitude for this time. It was such a pleasure meeting you, and feeling the pure joy that you pour into your paintings. Keep in touch , and come visit anytime! XO Vikki


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