Champagne, Essoyes, and Renoir

Yesterday, the painterly lot of us decided to go see Renoir’s Home in The village of Essoyes. My car got sidetracked as soon as we spotted the vineyards. We knew it meant one thing, Champagne! So, when we came up to our first vineyard, and the chorus sung Please stop, I did.

After a tasting…I had no idea pink champagne was a real thing…we left with the trunk jingling. When you can buy a big bottle of the best for 14 Euros, you do! So much thanks to Matilda, who provided a loving explanation of her families long history and of the process, in English. She explained that she’d just spent time in Australia, really, but not waltzing.

On the road again, we caught up with the other car in Essoyes. They had chosen the perfect bistro on the river for lunch. I very much enjoyed duck confit with a fresh salad and sharing a creme brûlée, my first one here.

Once we’d eaten and enjoyed our expressos, there is no way to rush in these little villages and I love it, we were off in search of Renoir. Here’s what we found.

1. The houses in these old villages go cheaply.

2. His studio, above was super cute both up and down.

3. His house was not a typical small village home it was very well appointed and lovingly cared for. Credit to his wife, for sure.

I fell in love with the lace curtains!

4. His gravesite was not the most beautiful thing in the graveyard.

5. The river that he used to paint beside is in fact incredibly beautiful and peaceful.

It seems there are no bad days in the Champagne region of France!

8 Comments on “Champagne, Essoyes, and Renoir

  1. Did you dip your paintbrush in the river? I wonder if anyone has ever done that – a blessing of sorts on your tools of the trade. I hope all is well, I’m so glad you are sharing your journey with us!


  2. What a fun and interesting, and tastie journey, Sherri….Wow, with all the new, food,scenery, adventures, etc. etc. you are going to need more time there…sounds wonderful…Miss Mom xoxoxox

    It is going by quickly, Mom, and it’s wonderful to adventure and paint everyday. The French countryside is very beautiful and the food is amazing!


  3. Great words, photos and new paintings, my darling girl. I am enjoying your geographic. Keep on with your adventure and realize that our weather here has been absolutely s—-y, colder than a fig on an ice floe. Please photograph your next great meal! You will be pleased to know that I saw Veronica, Ryan and Anna on the weekend-all great! Love and miss you, Dad


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