Chateau Orquevaux Artist Residency

After Paris, I rented a little car. Doing this from home, before I left, was much more economical than doing it as a walk up. I used sixt and this was what was waiting for me when I arrived. A brand new Citroen.

The Chateau is a dream! It’s the vision of Ziggy Atticus. He’s an artist, originally from New York, who is now creating an oasis for artists in this beautiful French hamlet.

A family of coypus are what create the dirt piles in the foreground.

The bedroom I’m in is just gorgeous!

It looks out over and beyond the scene above.

There are chickens for fresh eggs and goats for cuddling. (They smell exactly like goat cheese)

When I’m not enjoying the little village and the grounds,

I paint! That’s why I received the scholarship to be here, after all!

Ziggy jokingly said that he changes the locks after every residency but I think he actually might have to. It’s a perfect spot for anyone who loves to create!

I’m so grateful to have been chosen to attend while also receiving a scholarship to do so!

If you are interested in the residency you can apply through Instagram. Just post your work and tag Chateau Orquevaux. Dreams can come true.

3 Comments on “Chateau Orquevaux Artist Residency

  1. Your new work looks great, Sherri. All is in accordance with your castle. I am so excited for you! Have fun! The weather looks like what we have been having. How far are you from Paris and have you met other famous artists like yourself? Miss you. Love, Dad


  2. Sherri, what a wonderful experience…..enjoy every moment and thankyou for sharing….I am so happy for you and proud of you….your ART is Special…love Mom xoxo .Thanks to the owner for providing the opportunity…Love Mom xoxoxoxo


  3. Love following your blog. The pictures remind me of a trip Brett and I made to Paris and northern France in 2013. We loved it and I can see you are too. Your artwork is wonderful. What a great experience you are having! Hope you have a show when you get home!!! Thanks for sharing this special time with us. Stasia


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