I’m Going to be an Artist in Residence!

Months ago I mentioned to my family that I was thinking about applying for some of the artist residencies that happen annually around the world. I ended up applying for only one; the residency at Chateau Orquevaux, in France. Only one, because life got busy and one was what I had the energy for. Only one that was in the north east of France, because I often dream of seeing Paris and the Louvre and I’d never been to this region of France and the pictures of the Chateau looked positively dreamy. It wasn’t that I was sure my art was good enough, it wasn’t that I was sure I would be selected, it was only this one because this one was enough for my heart.

And last week, I found out that I was selected to be in residence at Chateau Orquevaux, in France, in the spring of 2018. Yes, me! For all of April, I will be immersed in the beautiful life and culture of France and surrounded by artists from all over the world exploring this same dream in our own medium, in our own voice, in our own colours.


Which reminds me of years ago, when as a teacher I was at the CSA, I got to ask a question of an astronaut on the space shuttle. (My voice has been heard in outer space.) The reporter who interviewed me afterward refered to me as giddy with excitement. I wasn’t giddy then, but the excitement I’m feeling now is closer to it.

I have high expectations for a beautiful life full of beautiful experiences that I know I will love. I look for what is right and good and beautiful and I dream my dreams. There has been interference along my journey; things that took me down, slowed me down,  and took me out, but it is the sum of those experiences that also lit me up, so I’m not complaining. My high expectations for life create endless opportunities for gratitude…and as I’ve said before, gratitude paves the road to joy!

In my teaching past, I was twice told by a superior to keep my expectations low so that I could be happily surprised. That was terrible advice, and me being me, I completely ignored it.

I am so extremely grateful to have been chosen to create in Orquevaux, France and I’m already curious to see what will intuitively come up for me there.


I love to take photos with my Iphone 6 wherever I go to document my travels and to feed my creative habits.

In addition to painting on this trip watch my instagram account to see what I post after I manipulate my photos with my favourite creative apps. France will be amazing!


Oh, please remember to sign up to receive my newsletter while you’re here. I’m going to begin offering artful adult classes soon, in person and online, so stay tuned! Yes, I just retired from a 33 year teaching career. No, retirement doesn’t mean I am ‘done’. At 57, I find I am now who I was always meant to be.



4 Comments on “I’m Going to be an Artist in Residence!

  1. Sherri I admire you so much and I really appreciate what I have learned from you from the short time I spent in your class. You have always been an inspiration and you continue to be. Congratulations on living your dream! Onward! Love Kiersten Chase Brookes (Strawberry Vale)

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