#Me Too

Our culture is, once again in flux. Changing for the better because we are speaking about what feels wrong. About what is wrong.

It’s emotional for all parties, those who speak, those who listen, those who deny, those who’ve received, those who’ve participated, those who are blamed, those who forgive, those who remember and those who are triggered.

We all reel in the newest revelation and absorb it’s impact. We all change a little bit. Harden. Soften. Wise-up.

It is a time for great compassion. For self, for others. It is also a time for reflection. How have we perpetrated the ideology behind it? How have we helped create the time for revelation? How will we be? What will we be for others?

Better. Better for every child unborn. That’s what I want to come out of this. We are waking up thanks to our speaking out. So much has been wrong; we knew it soul deep, but we needed to speak. To hear it.

I remember when the sexual abuse of children was an unspoken, private, unimaginable thing. I remember when coaches who did unspeakable things to boys, sons, came to light.  I remember the moment when I realized that the history of our aboriginal people in Canada was not so different from the holocaust. So many atrocious things. Perpetrated things. Extinctions in progress needing to be extinguished. Such misuse of strength and power over others. BUT, we are learning with regularity to speak out, and we are learning to listen to one another.

We are waking up. We are cleaning up.

It will be better.







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