Show and Tell

Last night was the artist gala at the Sooke Fine Art Show. It’s not my first such thing, but it is my first at what has come to be known as the best show on Vancouver Island. It  was an honour to be chosen as an artist participant.

And, honestly, I was completely intimidated. It’s one thing to submit an image to a show and have it accepted or rejected. That’s easy. But for me, it’s quite another to go to the show and witness the quality of work that is around my painting. I felt like I was way out of my league. While that’s a good thing, I guess, vulnerability is always difficult. I’m pretty sure that I walked around the whole evening with the brochure in front of my artist badge. And getting my picture taken beside it made me feel conspicuous.

The show itself was beautifully presented and arranged. There were many large

representational pieces on display


that captured moments beautifully. I loved Johannes Landman’s “In Limbo”. Even though it was small, I thought it was the most powerful piece in the show. There was not a lot of abstract work, which I happen to love, but those that were there satisfied my hunger. Bonnie Laird’s ‘Prelude #2″, a floral won me over immediately because of the colour! I am always drawn to the woodwork and sculpture included in these shows and this year did not disappoint. I loved the Samurai Owl by Richard Shaw. This work is both precise and inventive, and Vincent Fe‘s “Riveted Teapot”, which won an award of excellence, was the first steampunk teapot I’d ever seen!

If you have the chance and proximity, I recommend a visit.

If you are an artist, or beginning to think you might declare yourself one some day, take the risk of showing you work. Being vulnerable builds character and expands experience. Take a chance. Jump. And always, always continue this creative journey we know as life.


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