When the Universe is With Me…

…it’s really with me. I have had an absolutely amazing past four months. Little miracles keep happening. It’s been art full! I have set a goal or two, the reach for the stars kind, and I am moving in the right direction. The force is definitely with me, and I am so very thankful!

Today for example, I went somewhere with a purpose, I imagined and visualized the best case scenario and well, I walked out exactly as I’d wanted to. I’ve not only got my groove back but the groove is moving me toward my goals!

Cuzco, Peru 2013

Life is not a mystery and going with the flow was the wrong way to go because all I did was flow until I was empty. By seeing the course, knowing what I want , setting the goals, I create my life. True story. So glad I’m all over it now.

So change it up people! Create the life you want by visualizing it and being grateful for what you receive. Remember, Gratitude is the path to joy. Ignore the negatives that come from surprising sources and live the dream you want to live! Manifest your life.

One Comment on “When the Universe is With Me…

  1. The lives we all want are out there waiting for us. We just need to put the effort in to finding them and nurturing them.

    Well done on finding your course!

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