More Snow In Shawnigan Lake

2016 Chetwynd BC … (this snow was snowman proof)

Today I’ve downloaded LisaSonora’s  2017 30 Day Journal project. This years theme is Journey. I have participated in her journal projects for the past three years, replacing my morning pages with them, and I’ve always received gifts of personal insight and knowing as a result. Needless to say, I encourage you to do the same.

And yes, more snow here today, and it will continue to accumulate apparently. It’s beautiful but it limits my ability to get out and around! Yesterday’s artist date, I like them to fall with regularity on Saturdays, was me in the driveway building snow people. That’s something I haven’t done since my kids were small and it included round balls, twigs and carrots. Yesterday I explored the quality of the snow and how I could manipulate and sculpt a face into it. Time flew! My snow people look exactly like they should after a one off try, and this morning, they are veiled in those big angel wings that fell last night. I just might go outside and do the same thing for a little while today.


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