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My Paris To do list 

1. Walk everywhere. But choose an adroitment or two to really get to know. That way you take home a piece of Paris as yours. You’ve seen the sights, but when you can name shops and streets and gardens, you feel a part of… Continue Reading “My Paris To do list “

We Are Ahead By A Century…

…unless you’re after fashion, delicious bread and cheese, and beautiful old art and architecture…and that’s according to the Parisian sales lady at Lululemon, Paris, the least peopled store I’ve popped into here. She specifically said the west coast of the two Americas are ahead… Continue Reading “We Are Ahead By A Century…”

The Luxembourg Palace Gardens

…beautiful even on a cloudy day and away from the throng of tourists in Paris.                  



Plane Travel (and general life rules)

Tip # 1 Be flexible and believe you will get there.  Even when I think I have my flights and transfers planned and organized something often changes. This time there were mighty changes! I’d booked early on no frills Icelandair at an impossibly great… Continue Reading “Plane Travel (and general life rules)”

Paris And A Champagne Chateau

It’s getting closer!!!! My art residency in France has me planning despite the disruption of my father’s heart attack and bypasses. I just can’t believe that I’ve been invited to witness France in the spring! I feel so blessed! And the rainbows lately, has… Continue Reading “Paris And A Champagne Chateau”